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Adapting Menus To Student

Our Algoma University Café team takes great pride in our ability to provide students with amazing scratch prepared meals, made fresh every day using locally sourced ingredients.

Our student feedback drives customized menu selections.  At Algoma one popular example is our authentic Jerk Chicken, as requested by our students and provided by Chef John Holland its popularity has now earned it the status of becoming an every week menu feature.

This story began with students (Chavannay, Angie, Lexine pictured above with Chef John) wanting to compliment and thank Chef John for his amazing work on a classic BBQ chicken special which he had provided. They asked Chef if he could make Jerk Chicken to help remind International students from Jamaica, of home.

For the culinary team, home is the feeling we want to emulate for our students, and what better way of doing so, than providing them with fresh meals, made from scratch. We understand that students sometimes have the feeling of being homesick and want to be able to taste fresh food that reminds them of home and brings some comfort.

Chef John provides the openness and social media avenues for Algoma students as well as our staff to be able to freely communicate with him and request any type of meal they would like because, in his words, we wouldn’t be a “Happy Kitchen if we didn’t do just that”.


We Heart Pulses

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What’s hot and healthy in the culinary forecast

Every year chef’s predict what will be the hot trends in restaurants in the National Restaurant Association’s ‘What’s Hot Chef Survey’. Last year’s big trend was Siracha Chili Sauce! The new ketchup? This Thai condiment found it’s way into a variety of restaurant menus…maybe even into your kitchen? Watch for more of these hot ingredients and trends offered at your cafe!

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Mindful Eating

Over indulge at social gatherings? Eat food because it is ‘there’ not because you are hungry? Mindless eating is when you eat without focusing on the act of eating. Mindful eating, on the other hand, is when you use all your senses while eating, with no judgement. Read our i can eat “healthy” page for 5 tips to create mindful eating habits!

did you know?

Making healthy snacking choices can help avoid the mid day slump. Include protein at snacks as it takes longer to digest and helps keep you feeling full longer. Yogurt topped with fresh fruit or a handful of heart healthy nuts can help curb those hunger pangs.